Brief Introductioin

With over 10 years of progressive development, Zhejiang Paiter Electric Co., LTD. has beccome a super-supplier in personal care industry. Today, Paiter is one of the leaders (Ranked number 6 based on 2012 Chinese export custom data) in personal care industry, and has gained good reputation in respects of products quality level, product design, customer service and production capability in the mainland of China. Paiter has started expanding to other electric product ranges like Kitchen Appliance, Health Care.

Milestones for Paiter:

Factory set up in year 1999

ISO9001 system introduced in year 2001

Own factory with 12000 square meters workshop built up in year 2002

ERP system introduced in year 2003

In house Lab for systematic unit and spare parts tests since 2004

X-ray Rohs test machine introduced for RoHs in year 2005

QC080000 introduced by the end of 2006

Famoous export brand and product granted by government in year 2007

BSCI listed factory in 2008

New factory with 38000 square meters workershop built up and company turnover exceeded USD50 million in year 2013

Established Zhejiang Paiter Group which includes Zhajiang Paiter Electric Co., LTD. Jiangsu Better Electric Co., LTD. Zhejiang Beauty and Health Electric Appliance Co., LTD.

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